Ryder Cup

One interesting and very prestigious competition is the Ryder Cup, which is held every second year (even years) between European and US teams, consisting of 12 players each. Originally it was only British and US teams, but the games expanded in 1979 to include the whole continent of Europe.

In 2014, the games are being held in Gleneagles in Scotland, very suitably, since Scotland is the birth place of golf. During the period of September 23-28 it is time to decide which continent has the best players – the US or Europe. In the last round of the competition in 2012, the games were held in Medinah Country Club, Illinois, where the team from Europe won – which of course greatly increases the pressure on the US team for this year. Indeed, Europe are widely predicted to win this year’s competitions – the current odds, as seen on NordicBet, are 1.80 for Europe, 2.25 for the US and 11.0 for a tie.

Who the individual members of each team will be is decided by qualification processes based on individual results and earned prize money during previous competitions. The teams for this autumn’s competitions have not yet been decided, but the selection process for the US will start in April, when the US Masters are finished. The selection process for Team Europe will go on in parallel, in order for everything to be in place for the September excitement!

US Masters 2014

One of the great golf events of the year is the US Masters Golf Tournament, which excites and entertains spectators from the whole world. The competition is each year held in the same venue, the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA. When? April 10-13. Soon, that is. Very soon.

What happened last year during this tournament? Well, the winner was, perhaps a bit surprising, Australian Adam Scott in his first Major win. In second place, after a nerve-wracking sudden death playoff, came Ángel Cabrera from Argentina. In third place was Jason Day and fourth Marc Leishman, both from Australia – it certainly was a golden game for Australia! Famous Tiger Woods, USA, did end up in fifth place.

This year, like every year, it will be a clash of titans and the outcome is impossible to tell – with millions of dollars to win it is the ultimate battlefield for the golfers. The current ranking on Betsson show us that currently Rory McIlroy is believed to take home the title with odds of 5.50, followed by Tiger Woods of 8.00 and Phil Mickelson of 15.00. The 2013 U.S. Open winner Justin Rose can be found in 8:th place with odds of 25.0.

It is obviously shaping up to be a very exciting round of golf. Given the event’s recent history it is also entirely possible that we will see some unexpected winners.

What are the different golf clubs?

A set of golf clubs consists of fourteen clubs of various styles and sizes. Why are so many needed, and what do they all do?


golf bagThe first club that is used to tee off in a game of golf is a wood. This has a large head and is designed to hit a ball for a long distance. While traditionally made of wood, a wood can be made of steel or other metals. Many golfers carry two woods. The driver, or 1-wood, is generally used to tee off and a 3-wood can be used for shorter distances.


Irons have a shorter shaft than woods and have a wedge-shaped face. This is used to lift the ball, called lofting. The different irons have heads set at different angles. Most golfers will need to use 3, 5, 7 and 9 irons during a game, though additional irons may be used. Irons that have very high, angled heads are called wedges. They are designed to loft balls out of difficult situations such as bunkers.


When the ball lands on the green, a golfer will need to use a putter. This is a club with no loft at all, and is designed to roll the ball across the ground and into the hole. Putters have a flat head, and come in various sizes.

Playing the Best Golf Courses in England

Golf is a sport that anyone can enjoy and for golfers looking to play in England there are plenty of great courses. Some of the best of these include the following.


Golf courseSunningdale has over one hundred years of history and offers the chance to play thirty six holes. The Old Course is a 6,600 yard Par 72, while the New Course is a Par 70 that runs to around 6,700 yards. Both wind there way through a heathland area of gorse and pine trees to make them an enjoyable challenge.

The Belfry

The Belfry is a favorite destination of the Ryder Cup, with the tournament staged there four times. It offers golfers three playing opportunities, with the Brabazon and PGA National being Par 72 courses of greater than 7,000 yards, while the Derby is a shorter 6,000 yard, Par 70 course.

Royal St. George’s

Royal St. George’s is one of the best links courses in England and has hosted the British Open on fourteen occasions. At over 7,200 long it is a Par 72 course and with the club’s founding dating back to the 1880s it is a historic location to play.

Woodhall Spa

Woodhall Spa has two options to choose from. The more famous is the 7080 yard, Par 73 Hotchkin Course, which was created in 1905. The Par 72 Bracken Course is around 6,700 yards long and opened for play in 1998.

The history of golf in England makes it a top destination to enjoy the sport. Players looking to do this should consider the courses shown above for a great day out.

The Best Golfers from England

With no shortage of golfing tradition, England has produced some of the best and most exciting golf players in the history of the sport. The following golfers, all highly ranked within the sport, are the best England has to offer on the current tour:

Justin Rose

number one in golf

The highest ranked Englishman on the list, Rose won his first major at the 2013 U.S. Open and won the European Tour Order of Merit award in 2007. His outstanding performances in recent years have seen him rise to a career high ranking of 3rd in the world. Over his career, he’s won six tournaments on the European tour and five on the official PGA tour.

Ian Poulter

With over 10 European Tour titles, Ian Poulter is a name that many fans of the sport associate with winning. He has three top-10 finishes in the majors and his confident personality has won him many fans on the tour. With an impressive record at the Ryder Cup as well as making it to 5th in the World Rankings, Poulter is another strong example of English proficiency.

Luke Donald

As a former World No. 1, Luke Donald has a deserved reputation in the sporting world and, whilst he’s perhaps never achieved a win in a major, his consistent form in 2011 saw him pick up a number of prestigious awards such as the PGA Tour Player of the Year as well as the European Tour Golfer of the Year, highlighting his overall rank and importance.

Lee Westwood

Commonly referred to as one of the best golfers to have never won a major, Lee Westwood has over 20 titles on the European Tour alongside two PGA Tour titles. He is one of the few golfers to have won a title on every continent and, despite not winning a major, he is noted for his consistently good placing among the very best in the world.

What Equipment Is Needed To Start Playing Golf

Over time, accessories can be picked up to add a little extra to an individual’s game of golf, but, for the most part, all a golfer really needs is the right club, the right pair of shoes, and the ball.

Golf Club

Golf club cars at golf fieldApart from the ball, the golf club is the most essential piece of equipment a beginner needs.

There are three different types of golf clubs: woods are built for long shots, disregarding accuracy so that the golfer can get a good amount of distance on the ball. The woods are numbered and the lowest numbers are referred to as the drivers. The irons offer the golfer more control and are numbered by their loft. Some of the special irons are also known as wedges and these are perfect for tougher conditions. The putter is the final part of the putting process, used to roll the ball along the green, letting it drop into the hole.

Golf Balls

Most golf balls are similar in terms of design, the only difference being the number of dimples along its surface. Harder balls will travel a greater distance whilst softer balls afford the golfer a greater amount of control on the swing.

Other Equipment

Golf bags are important once you build up a set of clubs as you’ll need somewhere secure to store them as well as something to carry them in on the golf course. Shoes are important as you’ll need support and security as you walk the course too. Rubber-cleated shoes are often the best as they provide the most comfort out on the course.

Iron or Wood Golf Clubs: Which Is Best?

For amateur golfers, the contents of a golf bag can be slightly daunting. For beginners, confusion may spring when asked what is the difference between a long iron and a wedge: or the difference between a 3-wood and a 5-wood. Every variant of golf club has a different purpose. Once you know which golf clubs suits which situation best, you will be able to whack that ball easily around a golf course.


Playing Golf On A Golf Course About To Drive With A WoodThe aim of a wood club is to be able to hit the ball farther than any other type of club: woods have a large “head” on the end. Woods originally were made of wood: however, they are nowadays typically manufactured from metals such as titanium and various other metals. Examples of common woods include 3-wood, a 5-wood and a driver. Woods work best on the larger holes.

A Driver has the lowest loft of any club: usually between 7 degrees and 12 degrees.
Typically, a 3-wood has a loft between 15 and 18 degrees and a 5-wood has a loft between 20 and 22 degrees.


The most common time for an iron club to be used is when the golfer is less than 200 yards from the green. Most golf sets will include 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons. The loft will always increase with each ascending iron.

How will you judge which iron to use? Well, the closer you are to the green, the higher the iron that you should essentially use. You can head to the closest golfing range and test out these different irons to see which one best suits you and your style.